Custom made: It is Custom made just for you with any design and NO DESIGN FEE.

  • Front Face Panel: The front face Panel is made Acrylic.
  • Printed on 3M: High-performing wrap film & 3m Over laminate Protective film guard’s graphics from moisture, abrasion, and UV
  • The backend is aluminum: It has a layer of mirror film on the top. Which helps to reflect the lighting even more?
  • Solar powered light sign: Is the perfect solution for illuminating sign in remote locations, or areas where it’s too costly to access mains electric power?
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to install: No wiring is required. Simply attach it to the wall using the included screws. It can be installed on walls, mailboxes, door holes, fences, etc. less than 5 minutes.
  • 8 lighting modes: (Sparkling mode can be used for different holidays like Halloween and Christmas.. (You just need to order a new front face Panel and very easy to replace it).
  • automatically turns on at night.
  • Lasts 10 hours when fully charged.
  • Takes 7-8 hours to fully charge. The LED lighthouse operates by being off during the day to allow for the internal battery’s recharge. During the night, the light powers on automatically. The intensity of the light decreases as it gets towards dawn.
  • Made in USA, California.

In order for us to custom made your house address sign with no charge, your image needs to be: Pixel

  • Size: About 1024 pixels,
  • wide Preferred and a horizontal image,
  • Resolution: 102 DPI, File
  • Format: JPEG, File Size; 300-600 Approx.


No returns or exchanges can be accepted if the merchandise was custom produced, including custom size, custom color, custom printed or custom built.